Merge Racing

Top Level Services Offered

Front Fork

  • Front Fork Revalve
  • Front Fork Service
  • Front Fork Oil Change
  • Front Fork Upgrades


  • Shock Revalve
  • Shock Service
  • Shock Oil Change
  • Shock Upgrades


  • Engine Tuning
  • Engine Rebuilds
Merge Racing

Technical Service FAQ's

Turn Around Time

Generally you can expect a 2 or 3 business days turn on your suspension rebuild and/or or re-valve and 4-5 business days on a straight forward motor rebuild. Custom work requires longer. Lead times tend to grow at the start of the season and before national events so plan ahead whenever possible.


All major Credit Cards are acceptable although we prefer using PayPal. Some custom work will require a 50% deposit before the work is carried out.

What to Ship

Motor: Ship only your motor and parts that remained on the motor when you pulled it out like the intake boot and exhaust flange. Items like the throttle body/carb and ignition should not be included unless you want these items serviced or modified.

Suspension: shipments should include only the components that you want us to work on.

Picking a Shipping Provider

We recommend UPS, they are more economical than most of the other shippers and very rarely lose shipments. We do recommend that you insure the shipment for replacement value in case disaster strikes.

Following Up after You Ship

E-mail us the tracking # for your shipment to and we will schedule your project in so there is no delay.

Return Shipping

Merge Racing has been certified as a “Known Shipper.” This service is available to ship your parts back as freight on passenger planes if time is of great concern.

How to Box it Up

Motor: Drain the coolant and ALL THE OIL (both sides on some four strokes), and make sure the motor is thoroughly clean and dry. If you have partially disassembled the motor we recommend that you build it back up and include any damaged parts. This way we can make sure that all the parts are there for the rebuild. Loose parts won’t damage gasket surfaces. Including all parts allows us to provide you with a complete diagnosis. When you are ready to package your motor it should look something like this:

EngineWe highly recommend that you wrap the motor in a large plastic bag and seal it with tape. This reduces the possibility of condensation creating corrosion and any remaining oil or coolant doesn’t leak out and stop your shipment en-route. Pack the motor in custom motor box when possible. Tip – an economical alternative is a square, wheeled cooler available in Wal-Mart for around $50.

Suspension: Thoroughly clean and dry all the components. Use a sharpie or similar marker to write your name and phone # on the fork legs and shock body, wrap them in a plastic bag and seal the bag with tape. We recommend you ship your suspension in a gun case; these can be found for as low $40. If this is not possible use a sturdy cardboard box and wrap each unit in bubble wrap. Note we do not recommend using Styrofoam peanuts as these shift in the package allowing the parts to move and can cause damage.