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Jim Lewis has had a dream career for someone that loves the sport of motocross. After starting on the ground floor like every other mechanic, Jim worked up to the 500 GP’s. He wrenched for David Watson at Factory Kawasaki, and then moved to KTM where he worked with Kurt Nicol, Lawrence Spence and Mervin Anstie. Jim then moved into the R&D department at KTM Austria where he worked with Broc Glover and Peter Hansen developing a new 250 MX bike.

Jim came to the states in the late eighties to help introduce the new 250 motorcycle and worked as Media Relations Technician for KTM in California. During his time with the magazines it quickly became apparent that KTM needed to get more involved in US moto and Supercross if they ever wanted to get good MX magazine tests. With that in mind Jim pushed for a motocross program which started with Mike Healey racing the Golden State Series (In 1990 Healey won the 125, 250 and 500 overall in all 3 classes) and later Mike Fisher and Keith Johnson in the Supercross and Outdoor nationals. Jim moved back to Europe for the early part of 1992 and returned to the US later that year as a suspension specialist at White Brothers. His long career at White Brothers included Suspension Department Manager, Engineering Manager, Director of Manufacturing and Director of R&D. His time there included designing the exhausts systems for Factory Honda and Factory Yamaha, working to the requirements of riders that included Ricky Carmichael, Chad Reed, Kevin Windham, Andrew Short, Nate Ramsey, Travis Preston, Heath Voss and Honda’s ATV rider Tim Farr. Jim moved to Texas in 2005 to become the Director of R&D at Holigan Racing.

Michael Holigan started his career in motocross as the typical 125 Novice. After graduating from Texas Tech in the mid 80’s, Michael’s racing stopped to spend time on his real estate development business and to start a family.

In 2000 Michael became the primary sponsor of the #25 NASCAR Winston Cup team at Hendrick Motorsports as a way to promote his family business. After spending a lot of time that year with the team and winning the final race of the season, the NAPA 500 in Atlanta, the racing bug had become a full on fever to go racing again.

Michael worked with Dave Walters and Lucky Nichols to launch an AMA Supercross/Motocross team based in Dallas in 2004. The team had success with their own documentary series on Spike TV and later SPEED, and working with sponsors that included Samsung, Sprint, RadioShack, PowerBar, GMC, DEP Sport and others. Jim came on as Director of R&D in the fall of 2005.

Jim and Michael teamed up to launch Merge Racing Technologies in early 2007.



I had heard about Merge Racing Technologies from my good buddy, Jimmy Albertson. After I rode his 2011 Honda 450, I knew I was missing out!  I had Merge do a suspension re-valve and I got the knuckle for the shock. Now I feel more comfortable and confident knowing what my suspension is going to do. There have been many times when I’ve been mid air and thought I was in real trouble, but the MRT suspension soaked it right up!

Merge prices were less expensive than most, reasonable for sure and they have always right there to help when needed. They always treated me like I’m the only customer. I’ll be using MRT in the future and recommending them to my friends.

Brett Cue

Racer and Founder of Ride365.com

MRT’s products helped my riding in many ways, but the most the most drastic thing it did for me was give me a new level of confidence in my machine. I started riding better and charging obstacles harder because I knew my suspension would safely handle all types of terrain.

John Short

MX/SX Pro Racer
Leighton Rice Merge Racing

Being an engine builder and developer, we obviously want our equipment to work to the optimum on the track. The Merge ALJ enables us to make our jetting perfect and precise for any conditions on any given day in almost no time. And as in everything, especially Racing, time is of the Essence. So thanks to Merge Racing Technologies we have the last key to perfection. Thanks once again for the continued support! (Where have you been all our 4 stroke life!)

Leighton Rice

Red Bull / KTM
Engine Development

In 2009 I was really struggling with suspension set up. Kyle Regal joined our team for the last four rounds and introduced me to Jim Lewis with Merge racing who was developing his bike. By the final round of the the pro motocross championship, I’d became good friends with Jim. After the first practice I was struggling once again, so he took Kyle’s spare suspension and put it on my bike. I qualified 4th next practice and felt like a completely different rider, then followed that up with a 6th in the final moto.

Being able to go faster was obviously a selling point but safety was the biggest for me. I noticed how much more in control I was. After spending many years with Merge Racing, I’m still amazed everyday by the drive and commitment Merge has to always come up exciting and innovative technology!

Thank you for all the hard work put towards my racing Merge!

Jimmy Albertson

MX/SX Pro Racer
John Short talks about Merge Racing
Leighton Rice Merge Racing
Jimmy Albertson Merge Racing